About the portal

What is the Local Homes Portal?

The Local Homes Portal is an initiative undertaken by the Energy Saving Trust to make data on domestic energy efficiency more accessible to key stakeholders in Scotland. To do this, we've brought several services together into a single "hub". Most notably, we've combined the Home Analytics Portal where local authorities access reports and maps of their area, with the Market Intelligence Portal - a pilot project launched in February 2016 to help members of the energy efficiency and renewable energy supply chain in Scotland identify market potential for different measures. We've also integrated the Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED) reporting service, which makes historical records of installed measures available to academics and researchers. 

The Local Homes Portal goes a step further by providing information and advice to householders and tenants that want to learn more about the energy efficiency of their home. Not only does the portal help them understand their energy performance certificates (EPCs), it also lets them compare their homes to the neighbourhood average. The Scottish Home Energy Check (SHEC) tool uses a SAP-based inference engine that allows homeowners to put in information about their home and to get tailored recommendations on retrofits which, in addition to improving energy efficiency, can lead to a lower fuel bill and a smaller carbon footprint.       

To help ensure you get the most out of this data, we have engaged with many relevant stakeholders. Using the feedback we've collected and our past experience providing data through the Home Analytics and Market Intelligence Portals, we have developed a series of reports, tools and web maps to help you answer your most important questions.

What datasets does the portal include?

The reports and maps included in the portal are based on three key data sources:

  • Scottish EPC register - a database of home energy assessments conducted in Scotland since 2007.
  • HEED - a database of historical energy efficiency installations undertaken as part of government-funded retrofit schemes since 1992.
  • Home Analytics - a database developed by the Energy Saving Trust which applies statistical and geospatial models to HEED and EPC data in order to create a profile for every home in Scotland.

Please note that due to data sharing restrictions, not all users are able to view all of the above datasets.

Who funds and supports the portal?

The development of the portal was funded by the European Commission as part of the Request2Action (R2A) project. The purpose of R2A is to make housing energy data - primarily Energy Performance Certificates - more accessible to the stakeholders and decision makers that work to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy. The Local Homes Portal is one of nine similar initiatives undertaken by R2A partner countries across Europe.

The production of the reports and web maps as well as the ongoing support and maintenance of the portal are funded by the Scottish Government as part of their commitment to promote energy efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and create a cleaner, greener Scotland.