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If you are interested to see how the energy efficiency of your home compares to the average home in your neighbourhood, click on the screenshot below and an interactive map will open within a new window in your browser.

The map shows information on three key indicators of energy efficiency:

  • Energy efficiency rating (A-G) - also referred to as your 'EPC score', this metric indicates how energy efficient your home is. The closer your score is to A (91-100), the more efficient your home is. 
  • Annual energy demand (kWh/year) - the total amount of energy required for space heating, water heating and lighting. This metric does not take into account householder or tenant behaviour; it is based only on the phyiscal characteristics of the building. 
  • Annual carbon emissions (t CO2e/year) - the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are produced in order to provide your home with the energy required to heat and light it. This is based on the carbon intensity of your primary and secondary fuel sources.  

For reference, the data in the map is based on records from the Scottish EPC register, aggregated at the data zone level. For reference, a data zone is a geographical boundary used to organise national statistics and usually contains between 500 and 1,000 homes. To help you identify your area, you can use the search bar at the top left hand side of the map to search for your postcode or council.



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